Conrad Clifton’s Latest Track is a Double-Feature


Following the release of his most recent album, Beautiful Tragedy, Conrad Clifton is back with a new song – one which plays out like a 2-for-1 package, hence its double name, ‘Kneel Da Grass/Tight Son’.

Apart from a clever play on words, the title also serves to demonstrate the tune’s dichotomous nature. The first segment takes the listener to a lush island, with tropical guitar melodies in the air, doubled with house-inspired synthwork which feels aquatic – almost as if it’s inviting you to take an exotic trip under the sea. As it slowly works its way towards the end, it becomes slightly darker in nature, without veering off from what it started out as.

Such a transition goes to show how Conrad can seamlessly switch styles at any given moment, while maintaining and sticking to the fundamental aspects of any track that he produces/comes across. Those familiar with Beautiful Tragedy‘s lead track, ‘Infinity Pool‘, may also notice a likeness in the two songs upon listening.

This is the first single off Conrad’s upcoming TIME EP, which is set to be released sometime in early 2018. Until that time arrives though, wrap up the year with this tranquil vibe.


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