‘Black & White’ is the new Jadu Dala Champ


Jadū Dala, a name you can trust. One of the most consistent labels out there, with about 50 releases in the past twelve months, Jadū has supplied musical junkies with tons of avant-gardist material over the year. Release after release, they shattered any boundary or any definition of genre, supported creativity at 360° and at the same time successfully kept the quality bar extremely high.

If tracks like ‘Arrival’, ‘Glow Up’, ‘aesthetich lobster’ didn’t convince you, ‘Black and White’ is another indelible proof of their extraordinary efforts. Described by a Soundcloud user as “‘heavier than an armored transport vehicle full of cash money’,” this is indeed a dancefloor killer that displays a gorgeous selection of weird sounds in a smart dynamic structure. Thankfully, BONNEMA & zndr didn’t just copy and paste the same drop over and over but they persisted experimenting and playing with sounds during all of the second half of the track.

Stream B&W below and be sure to grab a free copy here. 

Words by Alessio Anesi.


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