IT IS HERE! Kannibalen & Friends ‘All I Want for Christmas is Bass Vol 2″


Beginning a new tradition for hardcore bass fans, Kannibalen sneaks this one under the tree just in time for your Christmas rager.

This year’s addition goes just as hard as last year, including tracks from artists that were featured on the first volume, along with some surprises. The eight track playlist is filled to the brim with plummeting drops, serrated synths, and blitzes of fiery bass.

First up on the list is YOOKiE‘s ‘Escape’ and it sets the sinister tone. Their signature growling bass, meaty drops, and virulent rhythmics open up the pit for the rest of the ranks.

Following close behind is Seek N Destroy with ‘Now I’m Here’. A fervor of stunning synths and a charging tempo are blasted with clanging bass, and swirls of raving synth lines. This track packs a punch with thumping rhythms, and salty snares.

Dabin and Apashe team up to craft a remarkable crossbreed, ‘Lillith’ a Sullivan King remix. The track highlight’s Dabin’s git with organic intrumentals, heavy metal’s overarching influence on Kannibalen’s artists’ sound, and Apashe’s ear for cross genres. An impressive and stunning gem of this group that should not be passed over. Sink your teeth into this one but save room since Carbin’s ‘Bad Habit’- his Kanniblen debut-is the tasty dessert to this hybrid with equal parts nasty dubstep and menacing guitar elements.

Another artist that remains elusive, yet leaves his mark- Karluv Klub‘s  ‘Cult,’ a filthy contribution to this medley is a brooding, dark-electro experiment, dripping with macabre progressions, jangling build-ups, and convulsing bass. The loose-style production creates space for the mix to feel like a journey through a mad scientist’s lab.

Another artist supporting the tradition is Kedzie teaming up with Superwet on ‘Venom,’ a dramatic scream-o sampling banger. Laced with heavy electric guitar riffs, and super-charged drops this one is super to get you hyped.

Banged up from just one listen, watch your neck during any session with Mantis‘ ‘Moshaholics’. The energy on this one is undeniably dank, and menacing. It fits perfectly as the night-cap to this disturbingly dark delight.

Thank you for making the end of our 2017 bass heavy, Kanniblen. Check out the collection in full below.



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