Ephwurd & Oneeva Release Lyric Video for ‘Function’


Ephwurd and Oneeva are feeling generous this holiday season, and dropped a music video to their latest collaborative tune! It follows not too long after ‘Function‘ officially became the third release via Ephwurd’s new label, Eph’d Up Records.

The video follows the theme of the song to a tee, from start to finish. Alongside the lyrics, the video features a robot who appears to be “speaking” to us about her unknown past. Her representation undoubtedly goes well with the fact that Oneeva’s own Natalie Kyoko Waters’ vocals are “roboticized” for the song. Frankly, this helps remove the line dividing humanity and robotics, especially as we ourselves are slowly being integrated into an automated and/or mechanized future.

The drop itself comes complete with hard-working assembly machines and exploding circuit boards, to help portray its mechanized electro synths and furious bassline – all before things take a reality-warping turn. Before giving too much away though, check out and sing along to the video below; also hit up the download if you want this gnarly tune as a last-minute addition to your 2017 playlist!


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