Daydream With Laxcity’s Latest Gem ‘Sunset’


Do you know that feeling, when you’re right in the middle of a beautiful dream, when everything is so colorful, so perfect, but is still missing something? You can seek it, chase it, but no matter what you try, there’s no way you can get on top of it. Honestly it’s something that drives me crazy and whenever I wake up from one of these situations, all I want to do is to close my eyes and go back into that wonderland and relive it once again.

Laxcity’s latest gem works in exactly the same way. ‘Sunset’ offers a perfect dreamlike atmosphere that fills you with desire, serenity, happiness, and nostalgia. With its constant hypnotic rhythm, which remains almost unvaried from the beginning till the end, it abstracts you from reality, making you loose cognition of time and space. When it ends, you remain with an inner delight but at the same time with a sense of incompleteness that can only be satiated by pressing play one more time.

It’s so good to see what happens when a genuine talent like Laxcity breaks traditional boundaries offering a different point of view. Despite that it has been stealthily published and humbly presented as a soundtrack for someone’s driving wandering, ‘Sunset’ is instead an intriguing composition full of potential.


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