CHROME and Jon Casey Bring Us A Brooding Banger With ‘Pneuworld’


Ladies and getlemen, this is what I call a true brooding banger. ‘Pneuworld’ doesn’t have the fierce violence of Dubstep but, with it’s own abrasive power, can easily compete for the dancefloor’s supremacy. Everything starts with the highly cinematic intro, that cleverly misleads listeners, suggesting epic but fragile atmospheres, the kind that you’d expect to hear at the beginning of a State of Trance’s set. This mere illusion is shattered in pieces in a handful of seconds, when a massive, sharp synth suddenly arises and takes control of the situation, bringing a blind fury.

Also the breakdown, which is pretty much a continuation of the intro, manages to find a perfect purpose. It restores the calm after the tempest but, at the same time, it switches the peaceful mood with a tense and nervous wait that feeds listeners greedy expectations for the second devastating drop.

Props to Surreal for signing this banger by CHROME and Jon Casey. You can support these amazing people by dowloading ‘Pneuworld’ for free here.


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