Jameston Thieves Transcends Genres & Dimensions With ‘Hagakure’


Jameston Thieves is highly regarded for his ability to transcend genres and seemingly dimensions. Each listen to a new track feels like your first time on a new drug. His latest offering is a hippy flip at a boom bap rap set, inside a renaissance fair. Yes, you read that correctly. Abrax Phaeton brings a classic rap aesthetic that’s part street swagger and part psychedelic wave. The backing moves from hazy, cloud rap beats into a plucky dreamsphere. The low-key energy is distorted and intensified into a crazy breakdown that’s part dubstep, part psyc-rock with a sprinkle of future bass that’ll take you outside of earth’s reality. Abrax’s voice pulls you back to earth but it’s not for long, as you drift into a portal of insane sound design once more. I guarantee you, this is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Stream below and grab the free download.


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