PREMIERE: Toyzz Delivers A Menacing ‘Belong’ Remix


Back in November, X&G announced a remix contest for their Persona album. The contest resulted in a wave of incredible remixes being released and allowed X&G to select their own winners. Today we have the pleasure of premiering one of the second place winners with Toyzz remix of ‘Belong.’ The Spanish producer retains the dark and sinister sound of the original while injecting in an intense uneasy energy. While the anxiousness crept just above the surface on the original, it’s thrown into your face on this rework. The intensity will nearly bowl you over but as you brace for it, it expands. The hard-hitting impact is stretched out and slowed. As the vocals are stretched and distorted it somehow becomes even heavier. As the track breaks, it presents a slight escape. The craziness is paused but it’s still lurking. A hypnotizing guitar riff draws listeners into a bass heavy drop with stellar drum work. From there things continue to evolve within the same soundscape, stripping elements away and adding in new ones to keep it a wild ride throughout. This certainly is a proper homage to X&G: it’s heavy, inventive and unrelenting. Stream it below.


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