San Holo’s ‘The Trip’ EP Is An Unexpected Delight


San Holo’s new EP, The Trip, is unexpected in the most delightful way. The 12-minute EP is much different than anything we have heard from the Dutch future bass star, but the simplicity of the EP is what makes it so special. The opening track, ‘trip,’ invites the listener into Holo’s world and sets the perfect tone for the rest of the EP. With a myriad of synths and understated bass, the track is reminiscent of the opening of a Sunday morning children’s show. Holo’s uncanny ability to have the project flow between tracks is also on display. It’s never jarring as ‘trip’ moves into ‘b song’ and ends with ‘self-love,’ never disrupting the mood, simply adding to it. The Trip closes with a beautiful rendition of B-song by Analogue Dear. The sweeping piano creates a wistful lullaby that not only captures the feeling of peace and stillness throughout the EP, but amplifies it wonderfully.  

San Holo’s The Trip conjures up feelings of a winter wonderland, reminding fans how talented he is not only as a producer but as a storyteller as well. The Trip may not have been the EP we expected, but it is the EP we needed.

Words by Elise Smith.


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