Rohaan, roxas & KLAHRK’s ‘Red’ Is An Aesthetic Masterpiece


It has really been a while since I’ve listened to something so punk on my SoundCloud. Rohaan & roxas & KLAHRK have really pulled out their muscles during their studio sessions, tearing up our comfort zones and gifting us with something that goes far beyond our optimistic expectations.

Despite its extremely impactful physicality, ‘Red’ doesn’t rely on mere force to captivate the listeners, but mainly on its amazing aesthetic. From this point of view, everything all the way through the four minutes is praiseworthy and deserves a lucid analysis to be fully appreciated. For example, the texture is packed with so many different situations that it ends up sounding more like a sophisticated movie’s soundtrack or an Alon Mor creation than an average bass track. The sound design instead, forces you to focus your attention on every single beat, every second, every switch, in order to not miss the myriad of wonders hidden within.

At this point you’ll probably have understood that this won’t be the easiest listen you’ll encounter today. It’s true, but it’s very important to remember that listening to ‘Red’ is, in first place and above all, so much fun.

Praise to Phuture Collective for believing in this track and including it in the current Issue 10, ‘rebirth’.


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