MadeinTYO, Mac Miller and Carnage Connect For ‘Learn How To Watch’


The long-awaited collaboration between MadeinTYO, Mac Miller, and Carnage has finally arrived. A year after expected drop date, ‘Learn How To Watch’ is the newest track from Carnage. The track drops in anticipation of his sophomore album and while it’s the perfect festival song, only one listen through is all you need. Mac Miller has a refreshing verse that fits well with Carnage’s production, but the ‘skrt skrts’ throughout feel out of place and unnecessary. Also, compared to his first release Papi Gordo, it seems as if Carnage is content to let the rappers run the song rather than have his production be the focal point. Mac Miller and MadeinTYO set the pace while the flute like background is just that; background music. It’s clear that Carnage is going in a new direction, possibly moving away from his hard trap roots but we will have to wait and see if it pays off.

Word by Elise Smith.


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