Vincent’s ‘Dua’ Remix Is As Infectious As It Is Agressive


Vincent is back with a remix that’s sure to slaughter sets for the forseeable future. The rework builds on the strong foundation of Blaise’s ‘Dua,’ carrying over the icy piano and infectious hook, while injecting in an absurd amount of energy. When the bass and snapping drums come in just before the one minute mark, you’ll think “damn this goes hard.” But that’s just the warm up. The beefed up section is only a tease of the insanity Vincent unleashes shortly after. The track goes from laid back, to snapping trap, and over to rip the club in half bass, all in less than two minutes. And then it does it all again. Stream ‘Dua’ below and grab that free download, trust me you’ll have this one on repeat.


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