S’natra Is Back With ‘Offerings’


If you’re a rap fan and you’re not following S’natra, you’re fucking up. The Harlem emcee has been steadily impressing us for over year. With Brasstrack’s Ivan Jackson pretty much acting as his exclusive producer, he’s yet to release anything that’s less than great (see ‘Power,’ ‘Opposite Ways’ & ‘Tonight Freestyle’). ‘Offerings’ keeps the consistency flowing. The first verse mixes braggadocios bars with dope wordplay “Or  jumping like VC back in two thou, want a hook from me, ey you got two thou? Can’t say I’m acting brand new now, who work hard as me, less than a few now.” An instrumental break leads into a stripped down beat that has S’natra attacking with a rapid fire flow. The verse closes with S’natra stressing whether he’ll make it out but the bars are cut short with a gun shot. It’s an impactful end that speaks volumes even with the verse remaining unfinished. Stream ‘Offerings’ below and look for S’natra, he’s next up.


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