Gramatik Takes the Re:Coil Tour Across The US


Following in the advent of his recent EP Re:Coil Pt. 1, as well as a successful European Tour in its honour, Gramatik is now bringing the Re:Coil experience home – with a tour spanning across 30+ US stops (and 3 in Canada)!

He’s got with him some pretty heavy talent for support: Haywyre is going to accompany Gramatik in February and March, with Møme taking over for April. One of Pt. 1’s collaborators, Balkan Bump, will be alongside Gramatik throughout the entire tour. All the while, California is blessed to have all 3 support artists playing at all 3 shows in mid-February.

Seeing as how the artwork for the EU tour turned out to be the artwork for the first part of the EP, it’s safe to presume that the artwork for the US tour may have something to do with the upcoming Part 2. There’s also a month-long gap between dates (March-April), so there’s a chance we may have more news on the future EP around then – these are but speculations, though.

Check out all the dates below, and don’t miss out on your chance to grab tickets for this grand tour!

Gramatik ReCoil V2 US poster 0111


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