Let nine plus Show You The Way


Boys and girls, today nine plus takes you to the funfair. Or better yet, he brings a whole funfair to your eardrums.

I think we all remember the awe feeling when, as kids, caught in wonder, we didn’t know what to focus our attention on. Today, nine plus gives you the chance to feel this once again. When the beat drops in ‘this way?’, a carnival begins: you can hear Gellaitry vibes scattering all around, chromonicci’s echos in the bassline, jazzy incursions here and there, plus so much else that there’s no way you can fathom every single detail at once. Believe me, you’ll destroy the replay button before getting over this madness.

If this is not just an aesthetic experiment but a taste of what nine plus is cooking up in his studio, it’s sure that we can expect extraordinary material from him. Until now, be sure to find your way below.


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