Hydraulix Somehow Manages To Make QUIX’s ‘Storm’ Even Filthier


Earlier this month QUIX came through with an absolute monster in ‘Storm.’ It’s the type of track that makes you think, “damn this couldn’t get any harder.” Unless of course you’re Hydraulix and you decide to make it your mission to prove that it in fact can. His remix twists the electric energy of the original into an even darker dimension. The first drop will make your brain feel as if it has left your body as overwhelming deep wubs are paired hypnotizing sound design and a sprinkling of samples. Hydraulix allows things to breathe midway through before coming back with an even crazier finale. It takes an incredible amount of skill to create bass music this unique and forward-thinking but it takes even more talent to still make it somewhat approachable. Hydraulix does this perfectly, which is why he is at the forefront of the genre. Listen below and snag that free download.


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