Keys N Krates Debut Album ‘Cura’ Is Here To Heat Up The Winter


Toronto trio Keys N Krates are back with the release of their debut album Cura. With only 9 tracks, the group opts to focus on quality over quantity. This comes as a fresh breath in the streaming era. The quality is what we’ve to expect from KnK but the sound veers in a new direction. Their signature is still carried throughout but the execution differs quite a bit.

‘Inicio’ proves the perfect opening, cinematic and slow burning, gradually pulling the listener in as elements are layered before enveloping into a crescendo of brass and looped vocals samples. ‘Music To My Ears’ is a clear standout with Tory Lanez bringing his infectious style to a warm and addictive soundscape. It conjures feelings of nostalgia and warmer weather. and is sure to be a hit. The summer feels continue through into ‘Do What You Do,’ a soulful instrumental hip-hop record. The title track and the later featured ‘Harps at Night’ both serve as stunning emotional interludes that bridge the gap between varying sections of the album.  ‘Glitter’ brings a poppy RnB feel while ‘Flute Loop’ gives the OG fans one hard-hitting banger to sink their teeth into. ‘Something Wonderful’ is just what the title suggests, a mystifying effort that is dripping with optimism. The project closes with ‘My Night’ a darker and impassioned finale.

Cura sees Keys n Krates exploring a wider array of sounds than ever before. Somehow they manage to do so without it ever feeling forced or unnatural. It’s fresh, but also distinctly Keys N Krates. It flows exceptionally well from start to finish, switching the vibe several times over without being ever disjointed. All too often producer-based albums sound like a couple of EPs smashed together, this is not the case for Cura. Producers take notes.


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