Stööki Sound & doppla Collide On ‘Frank’


It’s been a minute since we’ve heard anything new from Stööki Sound. Thankfully the wait for new music is over with the release of their new collaborative effort ‘Frank’ with doppla. The track is built around vocal samples from Virus Syndicate’s ‘Talk To Frank’ (hence the title). The vocal loop aggressively pushes an indifference to drug use (“you can say no, you don’t have to get high it’s cool”) a fresh message considering most bangers these days are championing drug use like it’s casual drinking. While the lyrics may be clean, the track is straight filthy. It’s a wonky ride that’ll get you high even if you’re stone sober. Wonky basslines and club inspired drums collide to make this one a certified slapper. Stream it below and grab that free download.


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