Premiere: Son-J’s ‘DAH’ Is Part Sci-Fi Epic, Part Club Banger


With releases on Jadu Dala and Sola it should come as no surprise that Son-J is one to watch. The Australian producer returns today with yet another stellar release in ‘DAH’. “I wanted to create the same warm feeling I get within listening to the first few seconds of Flume’s ‘Tennis Court’ remix. It didn’t take long for ‘DAH’ to then take on a life of its own. I kept gravitating towards broken audio and elements that have a distorted character. From the glitchy radio, heavily distorted drums to the downsampled sub bass I was thinking about an environment so built up by technology that even organic sounds were being affected,” says Son-J. This direction bleeds throughout the track, creating a feeling of a futuristic dystopia where even the flowers are teeming with electrical current. That same energy will coarse through your body like an electrocution. With this energy ‘DAH’ somehow manages to walk the line between sci-fi epic and club banger. A feat that’s not easy to pull off.

As for the song title? It’s not as deep as you may think. Son-H tells us, “‘DAH’ is an abbreviation for Day After Hairspray. I write so much music everyday so I’ve got project files on top of projects files. A great way for me to remember what’s what is that I’ll name the project file after an event that happened that day or something I was doing at the time. I wrote ‘DAH’ the morning after a crazy night out with hairspray still in my hair, it was all over the place! Usually upon release I’ll rename it but the title ‘DAH’ suited the sound of the track so I kept it!” The title fits the track perfectly being simultaneously in your face and mysterious. Stream it below and be sure to grab the free download.


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