doppla and HMU Present Eccentric Production ‘Prehistoric’


LA imprint Don’t Die At Work gives its welcome to this new year doing what it does best: pushing new, great music. Grind is the third DDAW installment and it features nine tracks by some fresh blood and households the like of Milan & episcool, showcasing the darker side of its taste. You’ll get your fill of weird sounds and creativity while going through these nine tracks, but it’ll be only at the last step of the journey that you’ll reach the climax. The combined efforts of HMU and doppla have accomplished something that results in the most eccentric and genuine piece of music I’ve listened in a while. I admit that at first impression ‘Prehistoric’ might play as a container of random sounds, but enjoyed with the right mindset, it reveals to be such an entertaining production, a perfect example of the material that makes Soundcloud still the best platform out there for us music nerds.

After all, where would you be able to find a tune that mix tribal horns and percussion with obsessive vocal samples and an extremely chewy drop?

Judge ‘Prehistoric’ by yourself below, and be sure to check also ‘Action‘ and ‘Dolomite‘ from the album.


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