Conrad Clifton Taps Into His Inner Force with ‘Kylo’


Conrad Clifton releases another single off his upcoming TIME EP – and this time, unlike the soft, refreshing house tune ‘Kneel Da Grass/Tight Son‘, ‘Kylo’ flaunts a much more brooding trap undertone in comparison – as if it’s a welcoming invite to join the dark side.

The song has quite a likeness to the angsty Force user himself. The sonic elements progressively build upon one another in the beginning; combined with the heavy, thumping bassline, this makes it a suitable number to lead an oncoming march by the Empire/First Order. As the end approaches and the trap starts to bounce, there are some high-hitting synths and muffled vocal chops, which together slightly resemble Kylo Ren’s voice – at least, when he dons his helmet.

Hearing the stark conrast in the released singles for the EP, one could only imagine what kind of musical lengths Conrad has explored in the making of TIME. Check out ‘Kylo’ below as the EP slowly draws near, and let it hold you over in the meantime! TIME is set to be released sometime early this year.


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