Craze & Four Color Zack Are Back With ‘2¢ PT 4’


Craze & Four Color Zack’s highly anticipated ‘2¢ PT 4’ is finally here. That’s right, the most raw, ruthless and incredible mix series has returned. For part 4 they double-down on everything we’ve come to love and expect from two of the greatest to ever hop on the decks. From an all out assault on mumble rap and the mediocrity in hip-hop, to shitting on “EDM Tony Robbins,” who post more motivational quotes than music and much more. Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Chapelle, and 2¢ favorite George Carlin tie the project together with skits that show the parallels between the comedy and DJ worlds. It’s yet another strong commentary that’s as thought provoking as it is technically impressive. Don’t get it twisted though it’s not all seriousness. I mean there’s a whole routine dedicated to booty play. Oh and you know they had to slap Trump. Listen to ‘2¢ PT 4’ below and marvel at Craze & Zack’s genius.


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